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Missionaries and Fields we Support

Our missions is supported by Faith Promise Donations from our membership.  We encourage our members to allow God to bless them by stepping out on faith to give above their tithe to help support those that have surrendered to serve God on the Mission Field in the States as well as Foreign missions.  Here is a list of our current support missionaries:


Central Missionary Clearinghouse:
Natal Losnach - Brazil
Dan Powers - Cambodia

World Baptist Fellowship:
Larry Koehn - Chile
Jerry Lantz - Brazil
Bill Rose - Spain
John Horton - Brazil
Meisha Deane - Ukraine
Terry McClure - Republic of Palau
Andrew Briggs - Latvia
Dale Brown - New Zealand
Matt Patton - Dominican Republic
Frank Brim - Brazil
Tim Guenther - New Zealand
Andrew McClure - Palau
John Cunningham - Dominican Republic
Caleb Fielding - England
Corey Meier - Southern Brazil
Jake Woodfin - San Francisco

Baptist Bible Fellowship:
Baptist Bible College
John Barnes - Costa Rica
Daniel Bowles - Zambia
Timothy Downs - Belgium
Joe Flippin - Brazill
Vladimir Lukyanov - Russia
Clifford McGhee - Ecuador
Glenn McGhee - Ecuador
Richard Moeller - Scotland
Joe Mohler - Belgium
Mary Nevius - (Widow Missionary Wife, still supporting)
Bruce O'Neal - Philippines/Manna
Tarl Reeves - England
Will Rogers - Canada
Douglas Shoultz - Alaska
Lonnie Smith, Jr - Mexico
LuJean Stone - Hong Kong
James Waters - Zambia
Dustin Reinhardt - Chile
Joshua Allred - Merida, Mexico


The Friends of Israel


International  Baptist Missions:
Bill Williams - Mexico
Bobby Gates - Mexico
Debbie Duryee - To the Deaf 


Resurrection Baptist 

Jonathan Williams - Panama


LaMarsh Baptist Church:
Brian Johnson - Lithuania


CHAMPS International:

Rick Schuessler - Carribbean


Baptist Missions Costa Rica:
Barbara Thomas - Costa Rica


Baptist International Missions, Inc.
Clifton Booth - Chile


Independent Baptist Fellowship International:
Harold Priday - Honduras
Leslie Priday - Honduras

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